outsource II at Uferhallen Berlin






From 6 April 2023, the second edition of Outsource will take place in the Uferhallen. Numerous artists from the field of sculpture will participate.

The Uferhallen in Wedding are an important place of cultural exchange and an integral part of the cultural scene and urban society, whose continued existence has been in limbo for many years. On the forecourt of the Uferhallen, and thus visible to all, a neighbourhood meeting place is to be developed that will be used in a participatory manner by the neighbours and tenants of the Uferhallen grounds. The outsource project (25.09.-18.12.2021) was already intended as a meeting place for many, and the central concern of the outsource 2 project is to continue, establish and expand this idea. Within the framework of the project, artists are invited to develop sculptures for the outdoor space on the forecourt of the Uferhallen from April to July 2023.

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